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France (2021)

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A celebrity journalist, juggling her busy career and personal life, has her life over-turned by a freak car accident.


At the first impression after seeing the movie. This looked to be Bruno Dumont most mainstream movie, this very far from the truth. This another offbeat and indionsycratic effort from Dumont.

The basic story is about TV Superstar/Journalist France Le Meurs (a great perfomance by Léa Seydoux who here is more magnetic and looks more beautiful than never) who has her own TV show that is more entertainment than real journalism, she´s married and has a child but doesn´t seem to stay at home that long because she either too much busy with her war coverage reports in the middle east who are heavely directed and edited by her or busy by the success on the social media she aquires. The character is shallow and unlikable but seems more completely alianeted in her own world. Everything changes when she runs over a young immigrant in car accident, having then an existential crisis and precipitating a series of events.

This film is been seeing as satire or farce to the media especially a kind mainstream media but the film from my point of view is a film mixing comedic/grotesque and melodramatic moments about France not only as character but as symbol of a country and seems to me that Dumont uses the film to criticise the french bourgeoise society that the lead character belongs.

Structurally the fil seems to be all over the place, but what Dumont wanted was to enhance the artificial and alienation elements of France´s profession and personal life as also the confusing times we all are living on are daily life.

Dumont said in a recent interview that this film was not to be liked by everyone, but i personally thought the film was quite fascinating and provocative.