The 355
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The 355 (2022)

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A group of top female agents from government agencies around the globe try to stop an organization from acquiring a deadly weapon to send the world into chaos.


So this Charlie’s angels skit with “realistic” shaky camera and visceral fight scenes where these 100 pound skeletons overcome exceptional odds and whop 250 pound men is supposed to be a fun experience.

Fun experience for who? I would sincerely like to know the answer to this question. For someone saying “Well John Wick does it too”, John Wick is a relic of the past action films and not meant to be taken seriously. This WAS meant to be taken seriously. We were supposed to be in awe of these 100 pound skeleton fashionistas beating up UFC looking dudes. If it had been 5 Gina Carano looking women, they would still have some credibility but nope.. script and character consistency was never their aim.

When you see the poster with all those big names you’d think this could be a good movie. Everything is shaky cam and why do you guys need to do a dozen cuts for simple stuff instead of coreograph the action in a way you could actually SHOW it to us. John Wick did it and look how the audience responded after those long uncut fights. And there’s only so much action shaky cam can do for your movie if the plot is filled with pure nonsense.

They keep forcing the whole “girl power” idea by making these 130 pound slim women beat a 240 pound jacked men like it was nothing, but unless otherwise stated in the premise they should be bound to some degree to the laws of physics if they want us to suspend disbelief (FF franchise already went to space so they’re inmortals at this point) and for some reason they face the most inadequate fighters that can’t take a punch or a kick that was zero power behind it and almost letting the bad guys win a couple of times.

These producers need to study what made Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor so badass and they’ll find out that they never gave up and faced their fears with a proper character develompent. Something the 355 clearly doesn’t understands or cares.

Even the runtime felt way too long, and half hour before the credits roll they sure give you what it felt like the ending but then it dragged you for 30 more minutes.